Message from the Superintendent

Another year and another story to tell!!!

Here at Mission Union we always have stories to tell!!!

We speak about respect, about truth, about compassion and about collaboration.

We are lucky to have a board that supports us and who will do anything possible to help us shine.

We cherish how a community comes together to service the needs of our children, just as our PTO does.

We take pride in the quality and the caliber of our teachers and how far they will travel to bring learning to life and to impact the minds of our youth.

We love how our staff from our school secretary to our aides and other members of our staff put in their hard work to ensure that Mission is the best place for our children and adults.

And of course we tell indefinitely the stories of our students, their kindness to each other, their respect for themselves and for the school, their academic excellence, their character, their discipline, their achievements and their dreams that they pursue with dedication and commitment..

Here at Mission we always have stories to tell!!!

Watch us grow and watch us work together to continue to succeed and reach the stars.

Here at Mission we work on creating magic in everything we do for we still believe the famous quote that states "I have always believed in the magic of childhood and think that if you get your life right that magic should never end. I feel that if adults cannot enjoy a children’s book properly there is something wrong with either the book or the adult reading it. " Colin Thompson

Here at Mission we still look at life through the eyes of our children with a sense of wonder and a sense of everything is possible and an attitude of why not!!!! We attempt the impossible often and we challenge the status quo, for we believe "the difficult we do right away, the impossible might take us a little longer."

Watch us as we make magic, watch us as we reach the stars.


Dr. Jinane Annous


Mission Union School District